Welcome to #reverb14

How about some monthly prompts?

Why should December have all the fun?  To keep ourselves inspired, each month the #reverb team will send out a prompt around the middle of the month.  We hope it’s a chance to think about how the month (and the year) is going and to project into the rest of the month (and the year).

Want to sign up?  Join us!

As always, feel free to take the prompt and interpret it as you’d like.  Maybe answer the prompt with a photo, a list, a poem, a regular ole’ blog post.  Whatever works for you.

Onto January’s prompt!

Routine | Have you started a new routine this January?  Is this routine different from last year?  Is it the result of a resolution or goal you’re working on?  Tell us about your days.  How do they flow?  If you’d like, maybe give us a full “day in the life” or just some snippets.

After you answer the prompt, be sure to tweet us the link to your blog post and check out the blogroll page to connect with other writers.

Also, please fill out this quick survey and share your thoughts on #reverb13 and what sorts of prompts you’d like to see for #reverb14.

Thank you – and happy writing!

Sarah, Kat, and Meredith