Prompt for February 2014

Prompt for February 2014:

Heart | Show us your heart.  Let it all hang out.  When have you thrown yourself into a challenge, or shown/received love?

And since this is the month of loving, tell us your story and we’ll show you some love.  Starting this month, we will highlight #reverb writers on the Project Reverb site.  Part of the fun of #reverb is connecting with other writers, so we hope this will be a way to connect us to each other and celebrate great writing.

Sound good?  Great!  Check to make sure your blog is listed on the Blogroll page.  If not, email Sarah at sarah at bagley dot org and she will get you squared away.  We can’t wait to feature your post.

After you answer the February prompt, be sure to tweet us the link to your blog post and check out the Blogroll page to connect with other writers.

Also, please fill out this quick survey and share your thoughts on #reverb13 and what sorts of prompts you’d like to see for #reverb14.