Ready, set, write!

Hello everyone!  Can you believe it’s December tomorrow?!  And that means: it’s time for daily prompts.  Starting tomorrow, December 1, you will receive a daily email with the prompt (if you’re signed up for our emails), and the prompt will also go live on this site. Are you on the blogroll?  If not, please email…

Prompt for July 2014

Summer Time Blues | It’s mid-summer and we’ve got the summer time blues.  Tell us how you’re feeling at this mid-summer check in point.  Do you have the summer time blues?  How do snap out of it?  Or if you’re still loving summer, what’s been going great?

Prompt for June 2014

Staycationing | It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.  Tell us about where you are RIGHT NOW.  Tell us about your summer time at home.  Does “home” mean heading out of town for the season?  Does it mean an extended staycation?  What does summer at home mean to you?

Prompt for February 2014

Prompt for February 2014: Heart | Show us your heart.  Let it all hang out.  When have you thrown yourself into a challenge, or shown/received love? And since this is the month of loving, tell us your story and we’ll show you some love.  Starting this month, we will highlight #reverb writers on the Project…

Welcome to #reverb14

How about some monthly prompts? Why should December have all the fun?  To keep ourselves inspired, each month the #reverb team will send out a prompt around the middle of the month.  We hope it’s a chance to think about how the month (and the year) is going and to project into the rest of…