Hi! Yep. We’re Still Here.

Hi! Yes! We’re still at it. Yes, yes, we know. While we’ve been sending out monthly prompts, we haven’t updated this space. Or done anything to create an atmosphere conducive to sharing. Whelp. The team has been busy with getting married, having babies, undergoing home projects, and general life stuff.

What can we say? Life got in the way.

But! We’re back. We’re purposeful. And we’ve got ideas to help create a space to actually SHARE our stories.


First thing: a Facebook group. If you don’t like Facebook, that’s cool. We have some other ideas in the works, too. But we wanted to create this Facebook group as one way for our writers to get to know other writes and to easily share their work. So, if you’re interested, please hop over to the Facebook group, introduce yourself and your blog, and share your latest #reverb post.

More to come!


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